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  • General Purpose Resin Ribbon
  • General Purpose Resin Ribbon

    • ID:K3
    • Update:2018-8-21 20:58:33

    excellent solvent and scratch resistance,

    a wide range of application


    1. high scratch resistance.
    K300+ can maintain long-term readability with excellent scratch resistance in the harsh environment.
    2. excellent solvent resistance. 
    3. printable on a wide variety of materials. (such as: PET, PVC, PE, synthetic paper)  
    4. can withstand a certain degree of industrial alcohol wipe.
    5. can be used in mainstream printers.
    (eg Zabre, Argox, Datamax, Intermec, Toshiba)
    6. use patented back coating technology.
    Our patented back coating technology is adopted in K300+ , it can reduce loss in print head and the static electricity generated in the printing , print head is not easy to be smudged in the printing process so that it can extend the operating life of print head.


     electronic products, electronic components, cars, outdoor,        product identification

    Recommended materials

     PET,PVC,synthetic paper


      K3 General Purpose Full Resin Ribbon Property Pie Chart


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