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    • Low Temperature Resin Ribbon

      NO.K126TLow Temperature Resin Ribbon
      Ultra-low printing temperature,high scratch resistantance Features  1.Ultra-low printing temperature.      Its printing temperature can be 4-6 degrees celsius&nb...Details

    • General Purpose Resin Ribbon

      NO.K3General Purpose Resin Ribbon
      excellent solvent and scratch resistance,a wide range of applicationFeatures1. high scratch resistance.K300+ can maintain long-term readability with excellent scratch resistance in the harsh environme...Details

    • Resin ribbon(For PE,BOPP)

      NO.105TResin ribbon(For PE,BOPP)
                excellent scratch ,solvent and smudge resistanceFeatures1.can used in film products, epecially in film labels. 2.excellent scratch resistance and solvent resist...Details

    • White Full Resin ribbon

      NO.K6020White Full Resin ribbon
       the perfect whiteness,high scratch resistance,excellent smudge resistanceFeatures1.the perfect whiteness, comparable to whiteness of the similar imported products . 2.can be used in black, trans...Details

    • Color Full Resin Ribbon

      NO.K6030,K6040,K6050Color Full Resin Ribbon
      Bright color,high scratch resistance  and excellent smudge resistance Features 1.bright colors, can be very similar to other imported products’ color. 2.superior scratch resistance...Details

    • Standard Wax Ribbon

      NO.K1200Standard Wax Ribbon
      Features 1.high print quality.  2.cost-effective and practical. 3.extensive adaptability, not smudge print head. 4.with high transfer rate, high agility and high density characteristics, cle...Details

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